Brand Identity

“We are Brand Architects who build brands from the foundation to the ceiling, and make sure every aspect of design is finely created to make each brand shine with originality.”

The CLU Studio is an example of CDG creating and designing a brand from the inception to delivery. When our client approached us, wanting to create a new business in the world of Diversity & Inclusion, we got to work! We first had many sessions of Brand Therapy, getting down to the core of what this business could sound and look like. We then, put on our name branding hats. CLU is found in both ‘include’ and ‘exclude’, thus making it the perfect name, while also inspiring people to ‘clue in.’ After that, we began work on the logo, fonts, photography and messaging. Yellow became our beacon of color, inspired by yellow traffic lights, which tell you to not stop, go but to pause and take caution. The yellow we chose preceded the iconic color chosen by Black Lives Matter, instantly making CLU’s yellow both symbiotic and radically current. We conceived of the tag line ”Game Changers” for CLU, which uses game play to tackle systemic racism within the workforce. We carefully worked with our stable of photographers, picking impactful and playful imagery such as a basketball court and chess pieces. Great copywriting with strong, challenging & inviting wording was essential. Lastly, we designed the prototype for the packaging of the first game to be offered: a deck of playing cards, putting our tagline “Game Changers” on the side of the charcoal box. Please check out our additional Brand Identity work:

Incluvations d’mai urban spa Tectonic Theater Project Hedy Schleifer Lucy Recovery Cara Raich The CLU Studio


Website Design

“Websites are a brand’s digital brick and mortar. They are the front door of entry into a brand’s world.”

We do not take websites lightly! We design them to inform and delight. For many people and businesses, websites are the first entry into their world. Websites are your virtual brick and mortar. Therefore, we believe websites need to be impactful and designed with a keen, modern, dynamic, cinematic lens. Our web design is all bespoke. We design with the brand in mind, not a template. We use unique imagery, fonts, graphics and top-level copywriting to make your brand pop, be memorable, easy to navigate and tell your brand story. For example, when we were given the task to re-brand Brooklyn’s best spa called d’mai, our creative juices were overflowing! We took a portion of their original logo which was a rain droplet and ran with it. We designed a bespoke site that embodies wellness and we used the droplet as a consistent motif. The Clean Beauty Shop portion of the d’mai site allowed us to create an easy, chic, shopping portal that makes shopping a visual delight. Please check out our additional Brand Website work:

Incluvations d’mai urban spa The CLU Studio Tectonic Theater Project Hedy Schleifer Lucy Recovery Cara Raich YAS


Logo Design

“Logos are a brand’s digital collateral. We design your biggest assets to be unforgettable.”

Did you know your logo is your digital collateral. It’s one of the biggest assets a company can have. Imagine Nike without the check logo, or MasterCard without the circles or American Airlines without it’s all American theme? We design logos that are modern but timeless and will be iconic symbols that people will not forget when they think of your brand. We’ve designed logos for Wellness brands, Travel brands, Theater and Arts Institutions, Diversity and Inclusion, Outdoor Furniture and Design Companies solo entrepreneurs & more.



“The beginning, middle and end of any story is all in the writing.”

We are professional storytellers. Yes, we write amazing copy but we do it from a true storytelling angle. Our copywriters are trained in how to use the best words to tell your brand story with the most impactful sentences, tag lines, and mindful copy. We are screenwriters, therefore, no copywriters have what we have. We are steeped in originality. Whether it be: your website copy, brand copy, e-blast copy, advertising campaign copy, deck copy, travel articles or media campaign, we have every word covered!


Brand Therapy

“Imagine Lucy from Peanuts offering psychiatry at a price, wearing a Lanvin dress and No.6 clogs listening to all your branding needs and giving you a constructive plan of attack.”

Do we have PhD’s in psychotherapy? Nope. We have incredible, invaluable sessions that are unparalleled in the branding business. We sit down and actually listen and analyze your branding needs. Each session last two hours and each client leaves with homework and a clear cut plan on how to move forward. We also analyze, dissect and will often rewrite LinkedIn profiles, resumes and brand strategies to offer a complete new, fresh, out-of-the-box approach.


Name Branding

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet… We challenge good ole’ Mr. Shakespeare and say just any ole’ brand name would never smell as sweet, that’s why you need us.”

What is in a name? A lot! Your brand name is also an essential asset for great brand recognition. With our Creative Director coming from filmmaker and film titling background combined with her screenwriter’s visceral play with words, name branding is one of our specialties. We come up with names that people will be talking about and be stored immediately in their memory for our names are clever and unique.


Media Content

“We brand from a screenwriters’ pen and a filmmaker’s lens. Our media content tells a story with a true auteur’s vision.”

With Sue Zarco Kramer at our helm, we are one of the only branding agencies run by a real Hollywood writer/director. Consequently, we offer our clients a unique eye that isn’t your typical agency eye. It’s an eye of experience through a real filmmaker’s lens. We can write, direct and produce any media content you need. We have an A-list team of directors, writers and editors and a full production team to make your media needs a top-notch, creative, production. See some of our content here.


Photography & Graphic Design

“We use our stable of gifted photographers and graphic designers to give our clients something unique, not just “stock” imagery.”

We try our best to not use stock footage but instead go to our amazing stable of free lance editorial photographers we love and respect. The end result? Unique, not typical, beautifully lit photography that “ups the game” and style of your brand. When we want to use graphics, we often design our own bespoke one-of-a-kind designs.


Social Media

“Here’s the place not to social distance! We can design & manage your social media grid and copy.”

Are we the agency to get you millions of followers, no? Not our jam! But we are the agency that will design or manage a beautiful Instagram grid that will speak volumes for your brand. 



“Visionaries have no borders. We can design any advertising campaign or the packaging of your next wellness line.”

We are a soup to nuts branding agency. Therefore, we can design your signage, your billboards, design your brand packaging needs, posters and digital campaign and we will write pithy, witty copy to go with it.