Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Since I was a little girl I loved to travel. Getting on a plane, train, or going on a road trip was always exhilarating! When asked to brand the new luxe travel company Ski Souls, I was delighted! They had a unique concept of building hand tailored, ski trips for solo travelers. I loved their motto of "Solo but not alone." We had the exciting challenge of looking at the company from logo to website and at all brand messaging. The owners are a couple who actually met because of their love for skiing and their single life became a coupled life that built a business. My design partner and I worked passionately to find the right font that would speak of fun, adventure and skiing! This font reminded me of chilly nights in a ski chalet in Switzerland. So voila, we found our font and the logo worked beautifully with it! Branding a new start up company is always thrilling because the canvas is bare. As an artist, you can really bring your best game to the table. We worked hard to give them the best copy, bespoke art layouts and partnered them with adventure photographers who we were able to hand pick. When you land on the Ski Souls site, our mission was to make their audiences want to step inside from the cold and settle in for an apres-ski moment of time.




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